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Ecuabella Travel

Ecuabella Travel is exclusively for our Clients, Friends, and Family. We offer great discount getaways to different destinations in the US and the world. Based on availability.

Annual membership is $100 and 10% of your total trip price will be payable to Ecuabella Travel every time you use your benefits. 

Here is how it works: 

  • The Client price - is the already discounted price from the public price or regular price. 

  • Ecuabella rewards - is an extra discount that can be offered when you purchase your airline tickets and send us a copy of your receipts to apply it as a money discount towards your desired destination. Keep in mind that the allowable Ecuabella rewards changes per destination. For instance: If your client price is $1500 and the allowable Ecuabella rewards are 500 and you have paid $600 total for your airline tickets then you will be only paying $1000. It is very important that we receive a copy of your airline tickets via email or paper copy. 

  • The Final price - is what you will be paying to the third-party company that we work with. From this final price, you will only be paying 10% to Ecuabella travel. 

  • Once you become a member we will give you direct access to see what destinations and discounts are available for you and your family. 

  • Like us on Facebook to see our newest getaway additions. 

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