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Facial Waxing 

Eyebrow Shaping

The secret to beautifully-arched brows is the professional eyebrow shaping  offered at EcuaBella Skin Care Spa. Brow shaping is an art and a science that many professionals attempt, but few perfect. 
Eyebrows are your most important feature, providing a frame for your face. We use state-of-the art techniques to shape brows that are perfect for your face, beginning and ending the arch in the correct places, so you get precision brows that flatter your features!
We often forget to tend to our brows, but they truly are the key to our face and style.

Price by area 

  • Eyebrow Shaping...$20

  • Eyebrow maintenance ...$17 (5 weeks and under after initial brow shaping)

  • Nose...12 Cover top and sides of the nose it is also great to remove blackheads.

  • Nostril...$25

  • Ears...$25

  • Lips...$12 Cover upper lip and lower lip per request.

  • Chin...$15

  • Cheeks...$8

  • Sideburns...$17

  • Forehead...$12

  • Neck...$15

  • Full Face (complete hair removal from your face)...$65

Body Waxing 



Pamper your "pearl" with a vajacial, a facial for down there! Enzyme peel, exfoliation, extractions of blackheads and ingrown hairs, purifying probiotic clay mask plus lightening serums. 

40 min $70 

New!! Intimate Brightening & underarms body Peel

Before starting the Intimate brightening peel, it is highly recommended to start using the intimate brightening system at-home care kit for a month. By doing this ensures a deeper and even peel penetration on desired areas such as bikini, brazilian, underarms, and thigh. To see better results series of 2-4 is recommended and pre-treating the desired areas with recommended products. 

Price $110

Hard Wax: Is a peel off wax applied thickly with spatula on the skin and removed with fingers by your Esthetician. It is good for waxing sensitive and delicate areas such as: Eyebrows, Upper lip, Facial waxing, Underarms, Bikini line and Brazilian waxing. 

Soft Wax: Is applied thinly and removed with a special cloth for waxing; this is great for largest areas of skin such as the legs and arms. 

Body Waxing 



For Brazilian waxing - hair length must be at least 3 weeks after shaving or waxing, for wax to be able to grab on hair. 

  • Underarms...$25

  • Upper arms...$35

  • Lower arms...$35

  • Lower Abdomen...$25

  • Full Abdomen...$35

  • Happy trail...$20

  • Upper legs...$50

  • Lower legs...$40

  • Bikini...$40

  • Brazilian first time or done after 5 weeks...$75

  • Brazilian maintenance...$70

  • Brazilian with a design...$75

  • Buttocks...$30

  • Fingers...$10

  • Toes...$15

  • Feet...$20

  • Underarms...$25

  • Upper Arms...$35

  • Lower Arms...$35

  • Full-Stomach...$35

  • Upper Legs...$50

  • Lower Legs...$50

  • Chest...$40

  • Back...$65

  • Lower Back...$25

  • Back w/ Shoulders...$70

  • Fingers...$10

  • Hands ...$20

  • Toes...$10

  • Feet...$20

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