Facial Waxing 

Eyebrow Shaping

The secret to beautifully-arched brows is the professional eyebrow shaping  offered at EcuaBella Skin Care Spa. Brow shaping is an art and a science that many professionals attempt, but few perfect. 
Eyebrows are your most important feature, providing a frame for your face. We use state-of-the art techniques to shape brows that are perfect for your face, beginning and ending the arch in the correct places, so you get precision brows that flatter your features!
We often forget to tend to our brows, but they truly are the key to our face and style.

We use hard wax or soft wax

We use top quality hard wax and soft wax. 

Hard Wax: Is a peel off wax applied thickly with spatula on the skin and removed with fingers by your Esthetician. It is good for waxing sensitive and delicate areas such as: Eyebrows, Upper lip, Facial waxing, Underarms, Bikini line and Brazilian waxing. 

Soft Wax: Is applied thinly and removed with a paper; this is great for largest areas of skin such as the legs and arms. 


  • Eyebrow Shaping...$17

  • Nose...12 Cover top and sides of the nose it is also great to remove blackheads.

  • Nostril...$25

  • Ears...$25

  • Lip...$10 Cover upper lip and lower lip per request.

  • Chin...$12

  • Cheeks...$8

  • Sideburns...$17

  • Forehead...$12

  • Neck...$10

Wax more areas and Save!

  • Face (Eyebrow Shaping, Lip, Chin & Sideburns)...$45

  • Full Face (Forehead, Cheeks, Eyebrow shaping, Lip, Chin & Sideburns)...$65

Body Waxing 

No Scream Cream

No Scream Cream


Great for Brazilian waxing!

NO-SCREAM CREAM, when used properly, will help ease discomfort from waxing up to 80%.

DIRECTIONS: NO-SCREAM CREAM should be applied 30-45 minutes before waxing. It should be applied as a fairly thick layer and should not be rubbed into the skin like lotion. Once the cream is thick and white STOP! And let the cream absorb into the skin on its own. The skin should appear white after NO-SCREAM CREAM is applied and will absorb into the skin in about 5-10 minutes. NO-SCREAM CREAM isn’t messy or greasy, won't harm clothing and you can get dressed as usual.

NO-SCREAM CREAM can be used in all areas of the body. Including bikini area, lip, eyebrows, underarms, and legs. NO-SCREAM CREAM will not interfere with the waxing process.
Do not use if allergic to Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Novacaine, etc.

Active ingredient: Benzocaine 20%

Brazilian waxing must have at least 3 weeks of hair length after shaving or waxing. 

Body Waxing 

Just for Men

  • Underarms...$25

  • Upper arms...$25+

  • Lower arms...$30+

  • Full Arms...$40+

  • Lower Abdomen...$20

  • Full Abdomen...$25

  • Happy trail...$20

  • Upper legs...$40+

  • Lower legs...$35+

  • Full legs...$70+

  • Bikini...$37+

  • Brazilian first time...$70+

  • Brazilian regular size area...$65+

  • Brazilian large size area...$70+

  • Brazilian with a design...$70+

  • Buttocks...$30

  • Fingers...$10

  • Toes...$15

  • Foot...$20

  • Underarms...$25

  • Upper Arms...$25

  • Lower Arms...$35

  • Full Arms...$45

  • Full-Stomach...$30

  • Half Legs...$40

  • Full Legs...$75

  • Chest...$35

  • Back...$65

  • Lower Back...$25

  • Back w/ Shoulders...$70

  • Fingers...$10

  • Hand ...$20

  • Toes...$10

  • Foot...$20

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